Kundalini Yoga for Personal Empowerment

Truly Holistic Wellness

You’re tired of feeling unheard and misunderstood. Maybe you’ve been dealing with the same issues for what seems like forever, or new and unexplainable, undeniable issues are at the surface. I believe that just underneath the tired signs and symptoms is a powerful source of power. This is the access point to your healing and true potential.

Your free spirit needs a nurturing and empowering approach to getting to the root of what’s been holding you back, and past to your unlimited potential. Something about your approach hasn’t really served you how you need, or spoken to you like you thought. You want strength, beauty, and to create the life of your dreams. You’re ready for something more.

Trust yourself, and dive into truly meaningful work to create lasting and vibrant wellness. YOU are the dreamer, and the power to create balance, wellness, and health on every level is within you. I believe that there is no separation between the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. For that reason, you’ll receive truly comprehensive information and programs for bringing vitality to each layer of yourself. My number one goal is to offer you empowerment through education and experience. Our work will be dynamic, and your transformation will be powerful. What you want, wants you.

These programs and offerings are crafted for people who are ready to create their own radical change. They are adventurers, dreamers, and learners dedicated to the journey. With an open mind, and open heart, we meet in the middle ground where transformation sparks. 


Food Lib

tips, tricks, and logistic for empowerment through food and thought

Cures For Health

Health Cures, Remedies & Treatments

Destiny Tuning Secret

Manifestation Miracles Today

Live Well Corner

Healthy Eating & Losing Weight

Holistic Rehab

Stuff to rehab your life

Being Aware

A inward journey in this outside world.

Little Fears

Tales of whimsy, humor and courgettes

Holistic Services Group

Holistic Services Group is Australia's number 1 provider of corporate wellness services. Since 2003, we have been caring for the health and wellbeing of staff in companies amongst the top 500 in Australia.

Michela Sborchia's Blog

Serve All, Love All

The Sociological Yogi

Exploring the constant state of becoming.

Master Quest

Awakning to Freedom

word and silence

Poetry, History, Mythology

Chasing Quotes

...a quotes on progress...


Just exploring what it is to be human.



Sauce Box

Never get lost in the Sauce

Health Breakthroughs


the female gaze


The conversations

The Molecular Biologist

A compilation of the latest bio-scientific research, medical news and health issues - to help you understand and apply the complex biological concepts to your life

she's a seeker

...of everyday magic.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

Живописная Россия

Живописная Россия. Блог Алексея Марковича. MarkovichUniverse СОБАКА


Dabbles in writing, loves music and nature. Sierra Leonean

SouL SpeakS

He started Writing, The paper started speaking...

India Online Visa

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Because life is too overrated to ignore

The Immortal Arts

Namaste! And welcome to the magical world of artistic bliss

Realistic Beginner

~ it feels good to be lost in the right direction

O at the Edges

Musings on poetry, language, perception, numbers, food, and anything else that slips through the cracks.

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