There was a time when I felt my innocence robbed

There was a time when I felt my innocence robbed

From me, and I felt more rage at the tears I sobbed

Because not only was I shamed, but I felt ashamed

And we all toyed like it was  just boys playing games

The truth is I felt so marred by those times

That I couldn’t sleep through the night

Because my body was holding in it fear

So I worked to heal those scars that I kind of hold dear

And it burned me to think about giving myself away

If I never had them I would never be able to say

That I am sorry that nobody spoke to you right

Told you how to hold your lady tight

Make her feel safe, or to speak to a woman at all

I’m sorry you grew up on drive by cat calls

Thinking it was okay to yell obscenities at strangers

And I’m sorry to myself for romanticizing the dangers

Of putting myself into these dark places with you

But I’ve learned to accept that your deviance was not my fault.


There was a time when I wouldn’t have looked at myself in the mirror

Let alone touch myself without thinking that I was wrong for it

Less of the woman I could be because a part of me feared her

For betraying her honour and for being so complacent

Viewing myself from outside my self was a burden, but also a gift

Because it was altered perspectives that made my mind shift

I’ve thought about those pieces of myself that I scattered

As though they were lost but I know it doesn’t matter

I’ve outgrown those old thoughts that held me back

When my anger was a fierce red that faded to black

Even my blues were too dark to see through

Today I’m shining bright in a sky of bright blue

And to you, I’m sorry for the weight you carry around

Perhaps, you don’t even now that it’s weighing you down

It’s no longer on my shoulders and as I’m getting older

I embrace both the smoulder of rage and the emotions that are colder

I know the struggle made me who I am.

1 thought on “There was a time when I felt my innocence robbed

  1. ❤ thanks for being so brave and courageous

    Liked by 1 person

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