Meditation Poem

The simultaneous presence and de-rooting that occurs gives a special insight into a nature normally hidden by the illusion of separateness. The opportunities to understand and solidify experience become apparent and rise with great speed. Articulation comes with confidence and ease so that words flow fluidly without thought from a deep wellspring. Less rigidity allows for abstractions otherwise impossible, and Faraday’s lines bend and skew like Einstein’s mind. Resistance and desire to put up a fight against ones own confabulations fall away, and so does the solidity of the earth. If you’re lucky enough, you can just let go and plummet without fear, without reaching for safety, and free-fall backward into a sense of senselessness. Minute moments of enlightenment offer themselves up, and either go through you or penetrate, resonate, and the momentary opportunity for realization sticks. Maybe you can hold on to one, or two, or a few of those moments.

In the flow of deep-feeling, pain and pleasure intermingle and become barely recognizable from one another, barely articulated or identified as one or the other.

Ever-present and fleeting


Of effervescent opportunity

With no complication

Spill out of every sense,

Realize the simplicity

The needless mess

Of contorted reality.

Rapid acceptance comes when the solidification of knowledge enables kinesis of next-ness. Walls built to protect fortresses of justifications and attachments crumble, and the potential of each moment enlivens. The fantastical fireworks show how destructive and powerful, simplistic and challenging, it is to tap in.

You are the light and the price you pay for the light. Your fragmentation, separation, and the suffering that comes from a desire for individuation; to lord it over creation. Pure understanding requires nothing other than presence. Hunger for the disillusionment to fade, so the clarity ordinarily obscured by illusion now sparkles and gleams. Make space for the expansion.

Unobstructed flow surges.

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