State of mind

The sky was somewhat parted. Dark, blue and grey clouds cast their shadow from the North, while to the South a golden light lit up the leaves that litter the earth. I must have looked up at the perfect moment, because the combination of dark and light mixed perfectly to create an almost impossibly lucid backdrop. A gust of wind came through the skies and from the tops of several tall trees came pouring down a cascade of vibrant yellow leaves. For a moment it seemed like there were more leaves than air, as the skyward branches became increasingly naked and bare. The golden leaves that managed to stay stuck to branches stood out vibrantly against the trees behind that still sported green. The morning glories outside my window were speckled with their blooms, and some of the crimson leaves blown down from the tree tops now rested amidst the foliage. Amongst the other trees that line the street, flaming red and burnt Sienna leaves clung crisped at the end of their branches, ready to fall.

* * *

The perfection of such a moment is a reminder of beauty in passing; the fantastical experience of ephemeral and cyclical nature; that even in death there is an indescribable amount of life. I think about this a lot when I’m working in my practice; that we’re kind of just cleaning off the dirt from the glass that lets our inner light shine through. What about the light that shines in? It makes me think about the state of mind, and how beautiful a scene or space can be when you’re able to receive it in that way.

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