It’s a feat of nature to walk through life asleep
To one day awaken so suddenly
The abrupt and rude emergence
From outside the moment and into presence
What’s on the other side of fear
Exists beyond the kindness of comfort
I’ve pushed my luck there
Knowing my days were numbered
Ventured outside the boundaries
Begging to be swallowed whole
Devoured by the darkness
Ensnared by the push and pull
The hold you have on me is no constraint
For a woman like me, once my mind is made
It took the fall to find the fire
I sat and watched the flames burn higher
The harsh awakening that brought
The wisdom desperately sought
Toward me, avalanches rolled
Almost vengeful in their approach
They pummelled my earth
Took all I was worth
Rearranged my landscapes
Cleared away and made space
And the resulting reclamation
Sparked the raging revelation
That rolls on like those mountains
That came down tingling through my spine.

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