We breathe

We breathe 

And the weight of the breath 

Takes with it the heaviness 

The stagnation that’s stored 

On the inhale we enter into

The body 

If we can pause there we find 

The self 

Letting go on the exhale 

We soften into ourselves 

Into the truth of our nature 

Of who we are 

Counting blessings nor breaths 

It becomes effortless

Just to be 

Just to breathe

We come home to ourselves 

And are in a state to remember 

Just as we breathe the air 

We are being breathed 

The dynamic interplay

A relationship with life

Which we are 

And never separate from 

We ride it on and on

An endless wave 

With no beginning or end 

The flow is our journey

Coming in and out 

Rising and falling 

Long and deep 

We breathe. 

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