How to tame your wild flow

The prana that flows through us is our birthright. When we can clear away blockages and debris, and all the things that prevent us from connecting to our inner radiance, we can tap into this endlessly flowing river of energy. It pours through us. When our energy is flowing and we are able to be in tune with awareness, we have a wellspring of potential and creative potency at our fingertips. It’s when this energy flows and we have nowhere to direct it, or no knowledge of how to do so, that we can feel overwhelmed, even anxious. This is my experience. If ever there is a time where I have less to do, there is a ceaseless urge within me to create and move. It helps to meditate, to breathe, to be embodied. It helps to move, to direct the energy and channel it into creative projects. It takes interoception and patience. It takes becoming aware of ones conscious capacity to contain and direct their own energy; to unite the conscious Shiva energy with the Shakti-prana. We don’t want to get caught up in the flow. We want to move with the flow. I have always felt like my energy is “too much”, and I get lost, depressed, anxious when I don’t have an outlet. If this is also your experience, it’s important to realize there is nothing wrong with a high level of energy. Certainly there are times of agitation where the flow of energy can be too tumultuous, even destructive. It’s about channelling it appropriately, to make use of it and access its depths. Can we sit with it? Can we observe without reaction, and learn to masterfully direct it with intention? I’ve listed a few of my favourite ways to tap into and direct the vast amounts of energy, that I hope will be of benefit to others. These are tools to get us into our bodies, to find calm amidst even the most turbulent of waters. I believe that the lethargy of body and mind is not our true selves. With practices like yoga we begin to unfurl and cleanse the energetic pathways, to gain mental clarity, and get us closer to the experience of our true nature. We aren’t gaining when we practice, rather, we strip down, clear space, and allow the inherent potential within us to be experienced. It feels like coming home.

  • Know what part of your cycle you’re on! Understanding your energy in terms of your menstrual cycle/hormones is an endlessly useful tool to choosing the right types of practices and processes to channel your energy
  • Breath work — Kundalini pranayama, Whim Hoff, are some of my favourites 
  • Vipassana meditation and other practices that develop interoception
  • Kundalini yoga and other embodiment practices
  • Dance, shake
  • Connecting with others, sharing stories, laughing

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