About Me

Hi, my name is Desirée.

My work has been encouraged and inspired by my personal journey and unearthing of wisdom from my own body. I have a deep-seated belief in the potential of each individual to heal their bodies and communities, and that is a knowing that comes from the intuitive wisdom of my body and was born of my own healing and development.

I make use of the nourishment available to us from the earth, and believe in getting back to our roots, in getting into the kitchen and making meals that nourish our bodies, minds, and souls by engaging us in wholesome activity like cooking and eating together. I like an approach that considers and encompasses concerns for the environment, human and animal rights, our society and culture, and an array of other aspects of our lives. When we heal ourselves, we take steps toward healing the world around us, so I believe that what we consume is a powerful commentary on what kind of world we want to create. I have a passion for menstrual health and reproductive justice.

Let’s work together
  • Holistic nutrition consulting
  • Women’s wellness and advocacy
  • Yoga and meditation private and group
  • Reiki treatments