My name is Desiree. I came to yoga, meditation, and nutrition from my own experiences of confusion, disconnection, and wanting something more – both from myself and from life. I have an optimistic and positive outlook on life, and when it comes to wellness I’m all about empowering myself and others through education and experience. It’s been through my own trial and error, and desire to learn constantly, that I’ve had such success when it comes to my own health and wellness issues.

I believe in the healing power of the mind and body, through the use of nutrition, yoga, meditation, and other techniques and practices that take on a holistic approach to wellness. Just like we can’t separate these aspects of ourselves, I like an approach that considers and encompasses concerns for the environment, human and animal rights, our society and culture, and an array of other aspects of our lives. When we heal ourselves, we take steps toward healing the world around us, so I believe that what we consume is a powerful commentary on what kind of world we want to create.

Working Together

When we make the decision to do work together, I can guarantee it won’t be boring. I can’t promise we will follow a linear path, or even one that’s comfortable. I’d like to see you challenge the inner and outer status quo’s you’re subject to in an effort to bring about the kind of change or progress you’d like to see in your life. For that reason, we often journey into the wilderness and each experience with a client is a unique and different kind of adventure. I don’t want to try to wow you with trends or the allure of some magic one-size-fits-all approach, because I don’t believe they exist. I like to work in a way that honours how unique you are and the path that’s led you to the here and now. I believe true healing is rooted in getting into the mud and dirt of things, in empowerment, and in making decisions for your health and wellness based on what you really want for yourself. There’s something magical about looking within and finding the answers for yourself. I’ll help to guide you and teach you skills to develop that inner awareness, but truly the answers lie in your own insights. When I work with a client, I like to start by building a solid foundation that includes developing or enhancing skills like focus, determination, confidence, and stability.  As we go, we grow in the direction you feel called to working on. If I don’t have the answers, I’ll figure out where to refer you to get you the best guidance on your path.

  • Private and small group yoga & meditation instruction
  • Classes, workshops, retreats
  • Nutritional consulting, programs
  • Small group catering and meal delivery
  • Reiki treatments