A four week period empowerment course

phase nutrition & seed cycling
pussy health & education
hormone balancing
liver cleansing & support
preventative wellness

connect with your body and cycle in a positive way
regulate and bring balance to the monthly cycle
manage PMS symptoms — cramps, cravings, skin problems, emotional dysregulation
unleash creative flow
learn how to eat for and throughout the menstrual cycle

yoga, meditation, and breath work
mandala creation & journal
moon tracking
nutrition & meal plans***
resources for learning and guidance

how it works
you receive a package to guide you through each week (see weekly)
you move through a 4 week nutrition program to show you how and what to eat for the cycle + are guided through a liver cleanse
set the foundation to continue with the practices you learn
we connect throughout the course to make sure you’re succeeding at your goals and intentions, and aren’t confused or feeling alone

the cleanse
When I work with women who want to manage PMS symptoms and bring greater harmony and understanding to their menstrual cycle, I always ask the same question:

Do you know how to eat for your period?

This question forms the basis for one of the most important parts of this program. Each week we explore how and what to eat to support a healthy menstrual cycle by focusing on phase nutrition, seed cycling, and liver cleansing/support. I supply you with recipes, meal plans, and resources so that you can cultivate balance and connection through FOOD. I’ll tell you what type of food to eat and when to eat it so that you’re optimizing your cycle through conscious consumption. This is a key tool in eliminating PMS symptoms, connecting to your body, and balancing out the cycle.


my message
I can’t tell if our bodies aren’t suited to this world, or if it’s the other way around. Women’s bodies, emotions, and cycles seem confusing, complicated, and high maintenance! Is it true, or are we indoctrinated to feel that way? Our society often downplays not only the power of women, but of their cycle, and in doing so diminishes our relationship to our bodies, femininity, and even to one another. In a world where emotional expressions are often silenced or criticized, the uprisings of emotion throughout the cycle are often dismissed as “crazy hormones!” when in fact they are gateways into our healing. The menstrual cycle is like a portal, where experiences of heightened sensitivity are actually like SUPERPOWERS that can show us where we need to work and how we can do it. There is serious virtue in tuning in and connecting to that sacred wisdom. Many women I speak to, either as clients or friends, have some level of discomfort around their monthly cycle. I hear so many complaints echoed:

I hate having a period. I wish I didn’t have it.

I don’t know anything about my period.

Being a woman sucks. (WHAT!?!?!?!?)

It’s painful to hear these things because I can remember those feelings present in my own body, and am now able to relate to my body in such a positive and potent way that anything else feels like missing out on an essential experience. It feels like we’ve been cut off from this natural wisdom and potency, and through that disconnect we see women who struggle to know their bodies, to manage serious symptoms and health concerns, and to connect with their own femininity as well as with the women around them.


Did you know all of the eggs you’ll ever carry developed while you were in your mother’s womb, and that the egg that you were born from developed while she was in your grandmothers? In the fetal stage of development the eggs go through a first cycle of transformation that isn’t completed until a woman is of menstruating age. Because of this, eggs are fairly resistant to epigenetic factors of change. But the eggs undergo a second transformation that takes 100 days to complete, and those 100 days are critical to how we experience the cycle of that egg. Menstruation is kind of the cumulative effects of those 100 days, so what we eat, how we move, where we go, and who we’re with all play into that experience. Menstruation isn’t just a monthly occurrence that happens. It represents how we’re living and relating to ourselves and the world around us.

This course is for women who are looking to develop a better understanding of their bodies and cycles. It focuses on how we can live to create wellness that goes beyond just one cycle, and extends throughout our lives. I’ve created this course to take you through a one month journey into menstrual harmony and magic through FOOD, yoga and meditation, art and creation, and connection to yourself. After that first month, you’ll have the tools to ride the [crimson] wave, and create a life of balance from that space.

get in the flow
intake opens: november 4
program begins: new moon november 21
early bird (ends november 11): $188
regular: $200

Register now to save your spot. Enrolment in this session is limited.


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