Healing Your Relationship With Food

Enhance the Experience of Nourishment

Our relationship with food has the potential to provide insight into our inner experiences and relationship to life itself. The internal impulses, stories we tell ourselves, and compulsions around what we eat can act as doorways not only to our own healing, but to our true nature. The answers to your own health and wellness, as well as how you relate to the world around you including what’s on your plate, have always been within. There’s both frustration and empowerment in that understanding, and that’s the spark that will take you deep into your own healing. Past the root of imbalances and blockages is an ineffable brilliance where your peace rests undisturbed by the accumulated colourings of your life. Food can offer an understanding of that inner awareness, as well as help you to cultivate balance and vitality.

I want you to feel confident with what you’re eating and how you eat it. I want you to enjoy every aspect of what you eat from dreaming up your meals, to grocery shopping, cooking, and eating with friends and family. I want you to look at what you eat and see a reflection of the love and appreciation you feel for yourself, to feel like you’re making choices that are beneficial for you as an individual, based on what you need and also what you want. I want you to feel comfortable in your body and experience a sense of freedom with food. When you heal your relationship with food, I want you to heal your relationship with YOU.


The Program Basics

  • Support digestion and gut health, and by extension mental and emotional wellness, through whole food nutrition and tools like meditation and breath work
  • Cultivate a rich understanding of personalized nutrition and healthy eating
  • Ground into personal empowerment through education, encouragement, and experience
  • Connect with what you eat by learning how to grow, select, cook foods
  • Gain confidence in what you eat and how you eat it for your goals
  • Increase energy and metabolic fire with what you eat
  • Deepen your awareness and connection to self through conscious and mindful eating
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of your needs, an intimate connection with your body, and a positive relationship with food and your body
  • Cultivate meditation skills to help manage stress and create powerful new patterns
  • Identify sources of motivation and inspiration
  • Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a body out of balance
  • How you can use food to heal, and heal with food
    • Examples — beating sugar addiction, weight management, transition to a plant-based diet

This program is for individuals who are ready for lasting transformation and are dedicated and committed to change and growth. I created this program for those who are confused by and tired of misinformation, one-size-fits-all programs and fads, and convenience culture that takes away from true health. It’s for people who are ready to reconnect with themselves to cultivate a better relationship with their body as well as the food they eat. The connection between what we eat and how we feel is too often overlooked, yet contains the keys to understand how we consume and live in other areas of our life. When we turn inward and cultivate awareness of our internal impulses, we gain not only a deeper connection to ourselves but a more interconnected perspective of our whole lives.

Healing your relationship with food means connecting with gifts from the earth from seed to your plate. You’ll gain insight not only into how you personally relate to food, but also to the life cycle of what you eat and the environmental and socio-economic aspects of it. In short, you get a systems look at what’s going on with what you eat, and how intrinsically connected that is to your own wellness. This program works from the ground up, giving you a solid foundation to work from and the space to identify root causes of your main health issues and concerns. It works because our thoughts and feelings form a psychological relationship with food. There are foods we love or hate, are disappointed by, have guilty associations with, or incite feelings of uncertainty, boredom, or even fear. How we relate to food sends signals to the brain, and the signals received by the nervous system start a chain reaction elsewhere in the body. Negative thoughts or feelings that relate to food can then have a detrimental effect on digestion through neural pathways, and so too the opposite is true. By understanding the factors that influence our eating behaviours, we can deconstruct and rebuild the way we want.


You’ll work with a multi-faceted approach to nutrition that takes you into yourself to come back with answers about your wellness you’ve been seeking. The medical system as it is has made tremendous advances that can be supported by such complimentary practices, and getting back to the roots of human nature. This integrative approach focuses on prevention, and the basics of eating and how we relate to it food. The goal here is to reduce the impact on the current system by encouraging health and wellness that is long lasting, individualized, and sustainable. It means putting the power to your wellness into your hands and giving you access to knowledge of how you can cultivate health.

A key component of this program is incorporating yoga philosophy and applying that ancient wisdom to healthful eating and conscious consumption.

  • Manage stress related to eating and enhance relaxation capacity
  • Soothe the parasympathetic nervous system to enhance digestion and thus the entire system
  • Enhance connection with the body, tone the digestive system, build confidence in the body
  • Tune into the body and learn to listen to its needs
  • Improve connection to what you eat by slowing down and being mindful while eating, bringing presence to your relationship with food
  • Develop self-compassion through observation — uncover how compulsions and impulses reflect deeper needs; build awareness and shift the internal environment to discover how emotions guide and affect food choices
  • Learn about the life force in food

This program is designed to give you the confidence to make decisions for your health and wellness that are powerful and changes that are transformative and long lasting. Through the use of yoga and meditation you’ll develop a deeper connection to your body and mind to help you change your habit patterns, the way you see and relate to yourself, and to intuitively develop your understanding of what’s needed most in your diet. Intuitive eating is about cultivating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body—it’s about self-care and body appreciation, regardless of size—not about the pursuit of weight loss. Intuitive eating goes beyond mindfulness by attempting to address cognitive distortions and emotional eating. The goal is to give you an enhanced experience of connection to your body and food as a microcosm of how you relate to yourself, and the world. Whatever your personal goals are, you’ll come away with the stability, confidence, and awareness to make lasting and powerful change.

“Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.” – Gabor Mate


The Healing With Food Journal is a foundational aspect of this program that we will work on together as you progress. It is a practice through which you can explore the work of compassionate inquiry as you go within.

  • Track what you eat and how you feel about it, physically and mentally — gain insight into what works and what doesn’t, and begin to develop an intuitive understanding of your needs
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Meditation and yoga tracking
  • Positive affirmations

I crafted the offering “Healing your relationship with food” to share some of what’s worked for me on my own journey. I want to come together and CELEBRATE food and ourselves, in a healing space that brings you back to the joy of food and the body.  So, this is some of my story. I hope that it inspires you on your own path, to remember that there is a light that never stops shining within you. It wants to shine. It wants to light the path for others.

3 month program — $350/month

  • 4 x 90 minute sessions per month (60 minute discuss + 30 minute meditation/practice), which include an initial nutritional consultation in the first session, and final assessment in your last month
  • Meal plans with recipes and shopping lists for each week
  • Weekly practices – yoga and mediation, shopping excursions, cooking classes

This is what you can expect

  • Develop a meditation and yoga practice that supports a healthy and intuitive connection with yourself
  • Understand what foods best support your wellness — body, mind, spirit
  • Cultivate a relationship with food and your body that is intuitive, full of love, and rooted in confidence
  • Create greater stability in your diet and meet your key goals

Month 1 — The Holistic Approach

The first month will shed a light on the holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, starting off with an initial nutritional consultation and lifestyle assessment. In your first session we’ll go over your concerns, symptoms and conditions, current medications, and health history, as well as get clear on goals, intentions, and specific needs. You’ll be introduced to the Healing Your Relationship With Food Journal, which will help you track your experience and progress as we move through the program. In this session you’ll also learn the inquiry meditation.

The second session is where you’ll receive the information based on the initial assessment and meeting. I’ll provide you recommendations and insights for nutrition, lifestyle and other goals. You’ll learn about foods, herbs, and supplements that could be beneficial in helping you to find success on your health and wellness journey. I’ll also give you a 3 day meal plan to get you started and give you ideas about what you could be eating. This will include recipes and grocery lists. This session is all about getting you clear on the plan and give you insight into your individualized recommendations.

Our third meeting clears the clouds and gives you an understanding of the basics of nutrition. You’ll gain insight into contemporary assumptions about health and wellness, and the problem with fad diets.

The final meeting in the first month is all about you. You’ll come into the body and open the doors to seeing yourself clearly, to form the basis for a deep connection with yourself. We’ll work on body image and positivity here, and I’ll give you the tools to practice self-love and compassion.

Month 2 — Developing Your Relationship With Food

The second month is devoted to functional nutrition and how to use food in a healthful way to aid you on your healing journey and with your health related goals. Our first meeting will be time to review your journal, and talk about how things are going; making space to connect. Your focus will be on nourishing the body, mind, and spirit, as well as learning the signs and symptoms of a body out of balance. You’ll get an introduction to Ayurveda, and learn your own constitution along with the foods and practices that are best suited for you.

In the second session you’ll learn about the physiological effects of your relationship with good, and how our emotions interact with the hormonal, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. I’ll give you insight into the vagus nerve and gut microbiome, and how important they both are to your physical and mental health.

Your focus will then shift in the third week to how you can reduce and manage stress with yoga and nutrition. You’ll gain insight into food, movement, and meditation for physical and mental wellness, and how to use food as medicine.

The last session of the second month places an emphasis on intuitive and mindful eating practices, creating new patterns and changing how you relate to food, and rediscovering the joyfulness of eating. By the end of the second month, you’ll be grounded into an understanding of your relationship with food and will be well on your way to achieving your goals. You’ll be seeing and feeling results.

Month 3 — Sustainable Growth & Continued Transformation

The final month is all about setting you up for continued success after the program ends. The first session will include reviewing your journal, and getting into the difference between motivation and inspiration, and how you can implement both in your program and life.

The second session is all about growing, selecting, and cooking food. We’ll talk life force in food, and about how to use the information you’ve already learned to make powerful and conscious choices for your health and wellness.

In the third week, we’ll complete another nutritional and lifestyle assessment to compare to your initial one. The goal here is to see all of your goals met or nearly met, with your main health concerns or issues on the way to being cleared up (if not already clear!). You’ll also complete another Food Relationship assessment, to see where you’re at and how you’ve changed your perspectives. To keep moving, you’ll work to set new and exciting goals and intentions.

In the final session, you’ll close out your journal and review the assessments and recommendations from the previous meeting. Whatever is not yet clear will be addressed, but by this point you will have the confidence to move forward with a positive connection to yourself, what you eat, and the world around you.

Are you ready to get started with the Healing Your Relationship With Food program?

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