Holistic Nutrition


Find optimal wellness for body, mind, and spirit using a holistic approach to tune into and be guided by your own wisdom. Holistic nutrition emphasizes prevention over treatment and calls upon the power of whole food nutrition to manage and maintain wellness on every level of being. By making gradual and thoughtful changes at your own pace, you’ll learn as you go and create long lasting healthy habits, accessing the natural healing capacity of the body and mind.

I take a dynamic and multifaceted approach to managing nutrition, creating a balanced diet with whole and natural foods, along with things like meditation, yoga, and lifestyle additions. Through a truly holistic approach, we’ll work together to address concerns and conditions preventing you from reaching your goals and living out your vision for yourself.

The reality is: THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL. You are a unique individual and the approach to what you eat needs to be specific to you. The holistic approach starts from where your at, and is custom fitted to what you need for your own health.

  • Explore foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes best suited to your body, goals, and interests
  • Eat real, whole food while eliminating processed foods that wreak havoc on your wellness
  • Debunk fad diets and listen to what the body is really asking for
  • Correct the root of health imbalances and issues to create long lasting health and wellness

What can we address/work with through holistic nutrition?

  • Weight loss and weight management, obesity
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, constipation, candida, parasites, colitis)
  • Disease prevention
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Skin and hair health
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Blood sugar imbalances, diabetes, hypoglycaemia
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure, heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Emotional eating



Nutritional Consultations and Programs

A nutritional consultation involves getting to know you, your goals, unique needs, preferences, and whatever else is important when it comes to your nutrition. Using a variety of assessments I’ll help you to identify areas and systems that need some attention and my recommendations, rolled up into a 4-6 week plan. Your program will include what I suggest to bring you into balance body, mind, and spirit. As needed, you could be guided through an elimination programme to identify food sensitivities, a detox regimen, or transition to plant-based eating.

  • Nutrition & Wellness assessment — A brief overview of your food consumption and lifestyle
  • Chakra systems profile — Insight into the various manifestations of the chakras, signs of balance and/or imbalance, and energetic nutrition to inspire and inform the approach best suited to you
  • Ayurvedic assessment available

Nutritional Consultation & Plan • $108
Chakra Systems Profile • $88

Empowered Nutrition

Gain insight into your current state of health and wellness. You’ll be given a 4-6 week plan to address your goals, needs, and interests, with suggested strategies and resources, meal plan, and recipes. By learning to eat the right foods for your body, you’ll reconnect with your own needs and empower your eating. By working with our sense of empowerment through nutrition and food consumption, we help to create sustained health and vitality for the entire system. 

Heal With Food

An intuitive and mindful approach to food and nutrition will reconnect you with the real needs of the body and how to interpret what it’s asking for. You’ll learn how what you eat can be a microcosm of your whole experience, and how addressing what you consume can help you in other areas of your life. Change how you look at and relate to yourself as well as what you eat, to gain access to the broader perspective and how to apply peace and acceptance throughout your life.

Spiritual Nutrition

Explore concepts relating to food and how to eat it drawn from holistic nutrition, yogic philosophy, and Ayurveda. Understand how to work with the chakra system and how what we eat affects us mind, body, and spirit, to create balance on every level.

Let’s eat. Work together here.

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