The Mandala Project

Balance out the cycle through food and movement to deal with things like PMS, skin issues, sleep problems, gut problems, mood fluctuations
Gain a deeper connection to your body and cycle
Understand your cycle
Find the root cause/decode symptoms
Sustainable and lifetime transformation

This course is for you if:
Struggle with PMS monthly
Painful or heavy periods
Mood swings, anxiety, depression on a cyclical basis
You are motivated to take a holistic and sustainable approach to health and wellness
Tired of programs that don’t target your specific needs and goals
You are open minded and want to be coached
You’re frustrated by not seeing results with approaches that you’ve been working with

This course is not for you if:
You are not committed to a lifestyle change
You want a one-size-fits-all solution
You require medical attention

How it works
Weekly resources, workbooks, and lessons
Weekly live Q & A
Holistic nutrition consultation with menstrual wellness assessment + 3 follow ups (the last is 1 month after our final module together)
Online community
Option: Weekly 1:1 yoga/meditation sessions

Module 1: Introduction to Cycle Syncing
Foundation for the course
Connection between women, earth, and the moon: menstrual archetypes and the moon
Areas of imbalance and where your personal work will be focused
Cycle syncing and its importance for you specifically

Module 2: The Menstrual Cycle
The reproductive system and stages of the menstrual cycle
Hormones involved in the menstrual cycle, the effect they have throughout the month, and how to work with them effectively
PMS and what your body is trying to tell you; decode your symptoms

Module 3: Phase Nutrition
Foods to eat based on symptoms and part of cycle
Seed cycling and intuitive eating
Nutrients and supplements to focus on for each part of the cycle

Module 4: Gut Health
Structure and function of the digestive system
Gut microbiome 101: What it is and why it matters to the menstrual cycle
What your body needs and gets from food
Gut healing protocol

Module 5: Liver Support
Natural detoxification
Methods of cleansing and how to perform them
Liver support protocol

Module 6: Stress Management
Stress and how it relates to your cycle
General adaptation syndrome and the HPA axis
Holistic stress management

Module 7: Yoga and Meditation
Yoga for the cycle
Energy systems and menstrual health
Breathing practices

Module 8: Sustainable Menstrual Wellness
Use the techniques and information collected over the course of the program to develop a new program for yourself
Learn how to create a weekly meal plan for yourself based on your cycle, preferences, and goals


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