Holistic Detoxification (4-6 weeks and beyond)

An approach to cleansing that encompasses body, mind, and spirit by releasing and transforming habit patterns that are no longer useful or empowering. These practices   involve total-body cleansing and natural detoxification while incorporating techniques like reducing toxin intake and enhancing the elimination of toxins. Customized support is provided based on individual needs and goals for nutrition and supplementation, including meal plans and lifestyle recommendations.

Gut Health Optimization (12-weeks)

Restore gut health through holistic practices aimed at balancing, strengthening, and supporting digestion and elimination. Cleansing and bringing intentional focus to supporting gastrointestinal health is key in creating balance throughout the body. We do so through unprocessed, unrefined, whole foods, herbs, and gut-friendly supplements.

    • Learn what foods work best for your body and how to use whole foods to cultivate balance and a healthy gut micro biome, while identifying hidden sensitivities and removing the factors that may be contributing to symptoms
    • Understand the importance of creating good gastrointestinal health
    • Understand your cravings and cultivate a positive relationship with what you eat, moving above and beyond limiting beliefs and patterns
    • Naturally detoxify and cleanse both mind and body
    • Reduce stress and manage mood swings
    • Reduce bloating, digestive discomfort, and other symptoms of poor digestion
    • Connect with your “gut feelings” by learning to listen to the body, improving your body-mind connection
    • Increase energy
  • Nutritional consultation with in-depth gut check
  • Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to align with your specific goals and needs
  • Shopping lists, recipes, meal plans
  • Once-per-week 45minute coaching sessions (phone, Skype)
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Recommended reading and homework (example, food diary)

11-day Sugar Cleanse

In this program you’ll focus on 5 key concepts/themes to help you kick the cravings and establish yourself in positive patterns to take control over your diet and lifestyle.

  1. Whole Food Heaven — A look into the world of whole foods! How to select and use them in creatively in daily meals as well as for cleansing.
  2. Healing Power of Body & Mind — Learn about strengthening and supporting the systems that naturally detoxify and create long-lasting vitality and optimization.
  3. Building Capacity & New Habit Patterns — Develop your willpower and awareness to let go of what doesn’t work for you or keeps you locked in cycles of craving, and create new, powerful patterns that support your health and wellness.
  4. Benefits of Cutting Sugar — What’s the big deal anyway? Get the info on how sugar wreaks havoc in the body and mind.
  5. Sugar-Free Living — Learn techniques to continue with fully eliminating or limiting sugar in your life, including alternatives and practices to increase your will and determination.
  • Daily inspirational and educational e-mails + online support group
  • Grocery list, meal plan, and recipes
  • Yoga practice for detox + guided meditations
  • Initial consultation (1-2 hours) + 1 phone/skype coaching session and in-person follow up
  • Unlimited e-mail support