Yoga, Meditation, & Reiki

Yoga & Meditation

In our sessions we can learn to identify limiting patterns while enhancing the positive and useful patterns that support growth and connection.

  • Learn to meditate, focus your mind, and deepen concentration
  • Work with physical postures to support a healthy body
  • Develop breath awareness and capacity so you can breathe better
  • Chant and learn how to regulate the rhythm of breath, slow the thoughts, support relaxation by supporting the vagus nerve, reduce limbic activity and stress response of the brain
  • Discover and learn about energetic anatomy

Kundalini Yoga

In light of the recent exposure of abuse and misuse of power by Yogi Bhajan, I thought it appropriate to provide a statement in the spirit of transparency as well as solidarity. Kundalini Yoga is a vibrant tradition detailed in the Upanishads, with roots in Hatha yoga and the use of various techniques such as mantra, pranayama, asana, and meditation (dhyana). As a Kundalini Yoga practitioner and teacher, I have seen and experienced the efficacy of these techniques in the pursuit of transformation of body, mind, and spirit. Kundalini is a primal and inherent energy residing in us all, and the practices that have come out of these traditions become increasingly supported and validated through neuroscientific findings. Though I stand wholeheartedly by these practices and the sacred lineage of their use, there has been significant disturbance in how I relate to 3HO and KRI for over the last year. Moving forward, all of my Kundalini classes will be rooted in the traditional outpourings from the Upanishads and those specified by Patanjali, in absence of sectarian influence. This will involve many of the same practices, with a greater focus on the Hatha (solar/lunar respectively) tradition. These practices are meant to aid us in the dissolution of our ego and the progression of our spiritual practice, and I find it increasingly challenging to reconcile this pursuit under the umbrella of institutions that appear to be embedded with misogyny and blatant misuse of power.
It is an unfortunate reality that many of the gurus who shared these sacred traditions with the west took part in these egregious abuses. In my own spiritual practice, and in my teaching, I choose never to stand in those shadows. Rather, my solidarity and service is to anyone who endeavours to walk this path. If you are my student, you may expect a very similar class with the same ancient techniques. The emphasis, as always, will be on your own personal development and insight. You will continue to use the techniques as tools for your self-discovery, and will remain the ultimate authority in your own practice. You will continue to use the techniques as tools for your self-discovery, and will remain the ultimate authority in your own practice. These practices have great value. In a time where many of us our opening to a very deep seated desire to reconnect with our nature and find balance in our lives, it is important that we do so with techniques that are absent of any level of corruption. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to connect. Do not lose heart, and choose to trust in your experience. Stand in the light of your inner knowing, and continue to work with an open heart and open mind.

I do not teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan anymore.

Kundalini-Hatha Yoga

Classical hatha yoga aims to cultivate balance within and between our bodies, minds, and personal energy systems. The system makes use of asana/physical postures, pranayama/breathing techniques, and meditation to purify the body and mind in efforts to develop the awareness. Working with the practices in this system align the body, mind, and energies to awaken the innate potential present within us all. These practices help to release energetic blockages, balance the hormones and nervous system, and bring connection to ones own spiritual core and beyond. They align practitioners with a pursuit for authentic connection and divinity that is derived internally, helping individuals to develop an understanding and acceptance of their own power and radiance.

Private Sessions & Programs • $60/hour | $150/3 sessions


Reiki sessions are a deeply relaxing and healing experience, wherein the natural healing capacities of your body are unlocked. Each session is an ethereal experience unique to the individual, so the insights that come through are meant just for you.

$70/hour | $180/3 sessions

Reiki Restore

A blend of restorative postures with reiki for a deep release and relaxation.

$80/hour | $200/3 sessions

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