Body, Mind, Belly

5-Week Online Course

Digestion is one of those things that so many people suffer from, that it’s almost become an internalized part of our culture. And when I say suffer, I know you feel me. Gut health and digestion is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, because for many years it was a struggle entwined with many other hardships in my life. It was nothing short of agony to feel so lost and confused, betrayed by my body and food, and in pain all the time – mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are plenty of reasons we might struggle, and the truth is that as resilient as our bodies are, it can be a challenge to maintain them in a world that doesn’t support it. Our culture is fast paced, and we’re faced with a constant stream of messages that tell us how to look, what to eat, where to buy it, and the list goes on. And when it comes to food, so many of us are disconnected from its stories and from the land it came from. This course is about RE-CONNECTION, as much as it’s about learning and creating.

Who is it for?

  • Those who have suffered/are suffering from digestive issues
  • People who want to heal their relationship with food, and use food for healing and prevention
  • People interested in the intersection of yoga, the brain, and food

What is the outcome?

  • Identify the triggers and causes of your digestive issues
  • Discover foods and lifestyle choices best suited for your individual digestive wellness
  • Create a home yoga practice that will support your individual needs

What’s included
A 5 week program to help you unlock your unique digestive wisdom. The program combines insights from the science of gut health with practical applications and activities to help you fine tune your lifestyle and improve your digestive health. This online program is geared towards teaching you valuable skills through a combination of video instruction, group and individual coaching sessions, practical tools such as weekly meal plans and shopping lists, as well as assessments to help you strengthen your learning.

Module 1
The Basics: Digestion, Yoga, and YOU

• Deeper understanding of the structure and function of the digestive system, including the liver, the gut and microbiome, the kidneys
• Insights regarding compromised digestion and related concerns, including IBS, gas, bloating, and fatigue
• Ability to start deciphering the messages your digestive system is sending
• Knowledge of the relationship between yoga and your digestion

Module 2
The Science of Food

• Uncover how digestion affects the body and mind
• Understand what your body really needs from food
• Knowledge of supportive and compromising foods, including common triggers and supplements

Module 3
The Gut Health Life: Building a Healthy Gut

• Knowledge of different methods of cleansing and how to perform them
• Insights into gut-related disorders and and how to heal from them
• Understand the elements to creating good gut health, including whole foods and food combining
• Develop a personalized program and learn the right foods for your body
• Understand the importance of exercise and gut health

Module 4
Body, Mind, Belly: The Psychospiritual Connection

• Knowledge of energy systems and how that relates to gut health
• Assess the health of your chakras and understand how to create balance with food and yoga
• Learn the fundamentals of embodied nutrition, including intuitive eating
• Gain insight into your Ayurvedic constitution, and what types of food are best suited to you
• Design a home yoga practice and learn how to stick to it

Module 5
Healing With Food

• Deeper understanding of the connection between food and pleasure
• Understand how to access the power of food for prevention and healing
• Connect with food as a celebration

What else?

• Weekly live instruction — yoga and meditation, cooking classes, discussions
• Holistic Nutrition Consultation — Personalized programming
• Group and Personal Coaching Calls
• Weekly recipes and meal plans for gut health optimization
• Additional e-mail support, weekly check-ins, online group
• Weekly quizzes and learning checks
• Resources guide and lifetime access to all materials and videos


This course starts on June 15. There are a limited amount if spaces.
Investment: $500

Ready to start the journey? Connect with me to save your spot.

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